How to Become Coating Inspector : Choosing the Right Coating Inspector Course

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Exploring Coating Inspector Courses:From Basic to Senior Certified Coating Inspector Courses

Protective coatings are important for keeping assets like pipelines, storage tanks, and bridges safe from corrosion and damage. Coating inspectors are skilled professionals who ensure the quality and effectiveness of these coatings. To learn the necessary skills and knowledge, people can enroll in specialized coating inspector courses. Let's explore these courses and the options available.

Coating Inspector Program (CIP) by AMPP:

The Coating Inspector Program (CIP) offered by AMPP (formerly NACE International and SSPC) is a respected certification program for coating inspectors. It has been recognized for its excellent certification in coating inspection for over 30 years. The CIP program has three levels: Basic, Certified, and Senior Certified. Each level covers a wide range of topics and techniques related to coating inspection.

At the Basic level, students learn about surface preparation methods, different types of coatings, and inspection criteria. In the Certified level, they go deeper into laboratory testing, analyzing failure modes, and advanced inspection techniques. Finally, at the Senior Certified level, experienced professionals gain knowledge in specialized areas like developing coating specifications and analyzing advanced coating failures. The CIP program equips individuals with the expertise needed to ensure coatings meet standards and prevent corrosion and damage.

BGAS-CSWIP Site Coatings Inspector Course by TWI Training:

Another popular option in coating inspector courses is the BGAS-CSWIP Site Coatings Inspector course provided by TWI Training. This comprehensive program covers various important topics in coating inspection. Participants learn about preventing corrosion, specific coating conditions, surface preparation methods, and industry standards. They also learn how to detect and address surface contaminants through different testing methods.

The TWI Training course focuses on coating technology, emphasizing factors like measuring film thickness and applying different types of coatings. It also covers specialized areas such as inspecting coal tar enamels and various tape-based coating solutions like hot applied tapes, cold applied laminate tapes, grease-based tapes, and self-adhesive tapes. By gaining in-depth knowledge in these specific areas, inspectors are prepared to handle unique challenges they may face in the field.

Exploring Other Coating Inspector Courses:

While the CIP and BGAS-CSWIP Site Coatings Inspector courses are well-established options, individuals interested in a career as coating inspectors should also consider other courses. Online platforms and local training centers offer programs tailored to different experience levels and industry requirements. It's important to thoroughly research these courses, considering their curriculum, accreditation, and industry recognition.

coating-inspector-jobs, Learn what a Coating Inspector is, what they do, and how become one.


Coating inspector courses are essential for enhancing the skills and knowledge required for effective coating inspection. The Coating Inspector Program (CIP) by AMPP and the BGAS-CSWIP Site Coatings Inspector course by TWI Training offer valuable certifications and cover a wide range of topics related to coating inspection. By enrolling in these programs, individuals can gain expertise in surface preparation, coating types, inspection criteria, and specialized areas of inspection. Exploring other available courses can further expand one's knowledge base. Investing in the right training and certification is crucial for a successful career as a coating inspector, ensuring the quality and durability of protective coatings.

If you are interested in taking a coating inspector course, you can find more information on the websites of AMPP or TWI Training. You can also search for other courses online or in your area. I hope this helps. 😊

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