Which is Better: NACE or BGAS Certifications?

Which is Better: NACE or BGAS?

When it comes to corrosion control and coating inspection, there are two main industry certifications that professionals often pursue: NACE and BGAS.

In the world of corrosion prevention and control, there are two main organizations that set the standards: NACE International and the British Gas Association (BGAS). Both organizations have a long history and a strong reputation in the field, but which one is better?

What is NACE?

NACE International is a professional organization that focuses on corrosion control and prevention. They offer a range of certifications for professionals in the corrosion industry, including the Certified Coatings Inspector (CCI) and the Corrosion Technologist (CT).

NACE International

NACE International, also known as the National Association of Corrosion Engineers, was founded in 1943. It is a professional association that serves corrosion engineers, scientists, and technicians by providing training, certification, and resources to help them in their work. NACE has a strong presence in the United States and has a global membership of over 36,000 individuals and organizations.

What is BGAS?

BGAS, or the British Gas Association, is a UK-based organization that offers certifications for professionals in the coating and painting industry. Their main certification is the Painting Inspector Grade 2 (Paint Inspector).


The British Gas Association (BGAS) is a UK-based organization that was founded in 1871. It is a professional association for engineers and technicians working in the gas, oil, and petrochemical industries. BGAS offers training and certification programs and publishes technical standards for these industries. It also has a strong international presence, with members in over 50 countries.

Which is Better?

Both NACE and BGAS offer valuable certifications for professionals in the corrosion and coating industry. Ultimately, the decision of which one to pursue will depend on your specific career goals and the requirements of your employer or clients. If you are working in the UK or Europe, BGAS may be the more relevant option, while NACE may be more widely recognized in other parts of the world.

It's also worth considering that both organizations offer a range of certifications beyond just corrosion and coating inspection, so you may want to explore their full range of offerings to see which one aligns more closely with your career goals.

Ultimately, the best choice will depend on your specific needs and goals. It may be helpful to speak with other professionals in your field and do some research to determine which certification will be the most beneficial for you.


Ultimately, both NACE and BGAS are respected organizations that offer valuable resources and training to professionals in the corrosion prevention and control field. It's difficult to say which one is definitively "better," as they both have their own strengths and focus on different aspects of the industry. The right choice for you will depend on your specific needs and career goals.

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