Necessary Painting Inspections Tutorials

  • Ensure the test area is clean and oil/grease free, lightly abrade the area and apply mixed two pack heavy duty adhesive.
  • Firmly place the aluminum alloy dolly in position onto the adhesive ensuring that the skirted flange is to the adhesive. Leave for manufacturers recommended cure time.
  • Place the core drill supplied around the dolly and cut through the coating to the substrate (this ensures that only the area of the dolly flange receives the pull off forces).
  • Apply the pull off gauge and apply pull off force, (some models use a ratcheted lever, others a knurled wheel) until failure occurs.
  • This will usually involve a loud bang and the instrument will ‘jump’ from the substrate. Examine the face of the dolly and apportion adhesive failure according to areas exposed, at the pull off force indicated on the scale.

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